Spoilers – 3rd July 2015

Tu Mera Hero:

Vaishaili tries covering up the stick by Ehsaan and makes Panchi fall. Surekha hands over the stick to Panchi to use it for support. Panchi tells Surekha that Titu has changed a lot, and his fun loving nature is gone. She gets worried as Titu is becoming more workaholic and not enjoying life as before. Surekha asks her to spend time with Titu. Panchi does not know Titu’s real talent of writing great poetry and Gulgule’s blame on Titu of stealing money.


Modi family is trying to open store room door as Rashi is locked inside. Everyone try to open the door and finds Rashi injured with glass pieces around her. Everyone scold Paridhi and blames her for locking Rashi in the store room. Paridhi tells that she didn’t know that Rashi was inside. Jigar shouts at her and blames her for Rashi’s condition.

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Begusarai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pundit says we will start ritual, he ask Lakhan to hold nut in his mouth, he ask Rekha to eat it which means that if any problem falls on Lakhan then she will bear it first, Rekha takes nut from him and thinks this means if Phulan shoots then it will be hit me first? she sys so what, i can give life for my son, she looks at Poonam and thinks she will have to face me now, she eats nut, Pundit ask Lakhan and Poonam to exchange garlands, Poonam is in tears, Lakhna bows his head so she can put garland, Rekha gets angry seeing this and says how much he should lower his head infront of you? move forward, Poonam moves and puts garland around his neck, Lakhan puts around her neck, dolt congratulate them.
Priyom is on his bike heading towards Mandir. Phulan, Manjeeta and Mitlaish are also on their way.
Rituals are going on in Mandir, Lakhan and Poonam sit in mandap, Pundit starts mantras, he makes them wear sacred thread and says dont take it off till morning, Pundit ask bride’s parents to come forward for Kanyadan, dolt comes forward and says i am her brother, i will do it, he does it, Lakhan angrily looks at Poonam shedding tears, Pundit ask them to get up for pheras and finish this wedding.

Scene 2
Choti Amma and Maya are crying in house, guddi thinks what if Lakhan gets married to Poonam? what will happen to Priyom then?
Lakhan and poonam gets up and starts pheras, Poonam recalls her time with Priyom, pheras are done, Pundit ask Lakhan to put sindoor (vermilion) in her forehead now, Poonam thinks i am sorry Priyom, i couldnt even fulfill our friendship, Priyom reaches Mandir with gun. Lakhan fills Poonam’s forehead with sindoor, Rekha ask to fill it five times, Priyom is catching up stairs of Mandir, Lakhan fills it 5 times, Rekha is happy, Pundit ask to put Mangalsutra in her neck, Priyom comes there and sees Lakhan putting Mangalsutra on Poonam’s neck, he is frozen, Pundit says this marriage is done, you both are husband and wife now (haww they got married, didnt expect this), Priyom stands there shocked, Lakhan and Poonam gets up, Poonam is stunned to see Priyom there, Phulan comes there with his men, he points gun at Lakhan.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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Did you like Suryaputra Karn by its start?

Suryaputra Karn started on 29th June 2015 and airs every Monday to Thursday on Sony Entertainment Television. The show will cover life journey of the Great Archer of Indian History Karna. It will take the viewers through the lesser known journey of Karna. Karna alone had all the qualities of each of the Pandavas. Karna was born to Kunti with the divine blessings of Surya Dev. Karna was known as much for his generous nature as for his valor. Loyalty was another aspect of his nature which endeared him to Duryodhan who later crowned him the King of Anga. Born to an unmarried Kunti, Karna was abandoned by her fearing social ostracism.

Baby Karna was then brought up by a childless charioteer Abhirat and his wife Radha. Adhirat is keeping a big secret of Karna being a Kshatriya and Kunti’s son. He fights against the orthodox rules of the society and for those who are willing to rise above the ordinary and he also yearns to get his foster mothers love till the end. The show will explore his relationship with his birth-mother Kunti and his foster mother Radha, his animosity towards Pandavas and his unconditional loyalty to friend, Duryodhana. Aditya Redij will play the elder Karna, Vishesh Bansal will play the younger one. Mouli Ganguly will play Radha. Priya Bhatija will play Kunti with her confidante Priyamvada, essayed by Riva Bubber. Did you like the show by its first week? Let us know in this poll.

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Gangaa 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ganga thinks of her Bappa’s words. Your one palm is your self-respect and the other one is your strength. She shows her palms to her Bappa. Keep an eye on me. Stop me if I make any mistake. She prays to God to help her keep CHacha’s (Shopkeeper) trust on her intact. She starts her work.

Ratan and Madhvi’s Chacha ji is not in a good condition. He has a heart surgery tomorrow morning. Ratan and Madhvi will pick Niru from the court. Pulkit too is accompanying them. Amma ji assures Madhvi that she will take care of Sagar.

Madhvi tells Maharaj ji to find Ganga. You know I have been given her responsibility. I have to go somewhere with Ratan Bhaiya. Please bring her home anyhow. Sagar too thinks where Ganga would be and why. Why she always does something which makes people sad? Mummy is already so sad. Maharaj ji too has no clue where Ganga would be.

Ganga finishes her first bicycle. She checks the wheel of the second cycle to see if it is working properly or not. Maharaj ji reaches the shop. He meets Ganga there. I have been looking for her. What are you doing here? I asked every single person about a little girl in a white saree. I reached you after so much difficulty. He tells her that Amma ji is very angry with you. Let’s go home.

The Ramcharitmanas paath completes. Omkar congratulates Amma ji for the successful completion of paath. Prabha brings Prasad for them. Babli helped you on time and we were saved. Everyone would have returned empty handed otherwise. Amma ji asks them if Ganga has come home or not. Omkar calls Ganga irresponsible. She cares for no one. Prabha adds fuel to the fire. She should have atleast thought of Amma ji. Amma ji calls out for Mehri. It is ok if Ganga returns before sunset. Close the door in case she is still outside till the evening prayers. Don’t be lenient with her or I wont spare you. Mehri nods nervously. Prabha and Omkar smirk. Sagar overhears them. Where will Ganga go then? Papa will scold Mummy if she goes anywhere else.

Maharaj ji shares the same with Ganga. She tells him not to tell anything to anyone at home. I am scared of Amma ji. Maharaj ji suggests telling Sagar as only he can help her but Ganga denies. He tells her to come home before sunset otherwise he too will be helpless.Sagar will not like it. I damaged such an expensive thing. He will never talk to me. Amma ji or Sagar wont spare me then. you go and do all your work. I will return once I finish my work. Ganga looks at the clock. It is so late. I will have to complete the work at any cost or Amma ji will not open the door for me. Shopkeeper comes to check her progress. I will not let you go from here without completing your work. Ganga ponders at the situation. Chacha wont give me money if I don’t finish this work on time. If I reach home late then Amma ji will not let me enter inside the house. I am completely stuck. What should I do!

Sagar asks Maharaj ji if he met Ganga. Maharaj ji denies. I hope she returns before evening prayer. Mehri too has no clue. Maharaj ji apologizes to God and also prays to God to help Ganga. Hope she finishes her work on time. Sagar gets angry. Why Ganga always troubles people? Maharaj ji says maybe she is helpless. What will happen to her if Amma ji doesn’t allow her inside? Sagar decides not to forgive Ganga if his mother gets scolded because of Ganga. Maharaj ji feels bad and helpless. How do I tell you that Ganga took this chance for you only!

3 cycles are ready. The shopkeeper comes inside to check on her. He has a plate full of food in his hand. Make the rest of the two fast. They will come at 6:30. I will give you money then only. Little Ganga sets down to work. She hurts her thumb while looking at the clock. It is almost 6:30. A cycle breaks. She gets worried. How will I do it now? It is time and my work isn’t complete. I wont get money now. How will I get Sagar’s laptop repaired?

The foreigners are waiting. They don’t have time so they think of leaving. Shopkeeper tells the translator to wait for a little while but they have a flight to catch. The tourists begin to go. Shopkeeper curses himself for trusting the girl (Ganga). Why did she offer to do it when she dint want to do it in real? He notices Ganga running towards the shop and gets happy.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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Udaan 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Udaan 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kasturi asking Chakor what is she doing. She combs her hair and says she packed her tiffin. Imli makes Chakor have food. Bhuvan asks them to hurry up, its admission day and Arjun is waiting. Kasturi forgets Kada. Bhuvan says your mum does not remember anything on time. Kasturi asks what did he say. He says nothing. She gives kada for Kangan. Chakor asks for Dadi and calls her fast. Dadi comes and says she has got holy thread for her, and no ghost will come near her. Imli says if ghosts catch her, then what will happen. Bhuvan says let her go first. Chakor hugs her family and leaves. They cry. The sports training centre is shown, where the girls are spoilt and fight with each other. The coach lady comes and asks whats all this.

The girl tells her to check her ID. The lady asks whats the problem. The girl says she is Geetha, not Geeta. The man says whats the big issue. The other girl says its about respect of name. They say they will not practice till the name gets corrected. Geetha says she is gold medalist and asks Sir to do correction. They laugh. The man says he will make the corrections and asks coach Laxmi to deal with them. He leaves. Laxmi sees the spoilt girls and asks what do they think, they won gold medal from small places, so they became athlete, many girls come here, they will know when they meet the young girl, who is half their age, they will be shocked by her record. They ask who is she.

Chakor prays to Bapu and takes blessings. Baa smiles and says she has freed herself and also the villagers. Chakor says you taught me all this. Baa says when she freed the hen, she understood that she will take a big flight. She blesses her. Chakor hugs her and Baa asks her to win and come. Chakor leaves and goes to Arjun’s home. She gives kada for Kangan’s fever. Arjun says he will call doctor, he will not give this kada. Ishwar says Arjun can’t go with Chakor, he will take her to Lucknow and asks him to stay with Kangan.

Kangan says no, I m fine. Abha says Ishwar is right, he has other work also, it will be good if he goes. Arjun says I don’t know, fine if Ishwar says, and Chakor be careful and come back after doing the work for what you are going. Chakor says yes. Kangan says best of luck and hugs Chakor. Chakor hugs Abha, Bhagya and others. Aditya asks her to call them. Bhagya says she loves Chakor a lot. Chakor says even I love you a lot. She wave bye to them and leaves with Ishwar. He ties the seat belt to her.

He says the one who has to move ahead, never turn back and see, they just look ahead to their destination, where their dreams are waiting, if she wants to make them happy, think about training and victory in race. She says yes, but I will miss you all. Aditya and Vivaan are in backseat and says they are here to surprise her and leave her till Lucknow. Chakor says she liked the surprise. Ishwar says lets go to Lucknow and drives. The goon tells Babu that they left. Babu asks him to follow them and know where they are going. The goon follows them. Chakor sees a little cow tied and asks Ishwar to stop and the man hits his bike to the car by sudden brake. Ishwar apologizes to the man. The goon says I m fine and leaves. Ishwar sees Chakor with the cow. She frees the cow and sends it to its mum. She claps. Ishwar, Aditya and Vivaan smile seeing her good deed.

The girls wakes up in morning and have a talk. Ishwar talks to Chakor and asks do you know why is little cow baby kept away from the mum. Chakor says as it drinks the whole milk. He asks why did she free it then. She says she does not like tied beings. He says good, I m also trying to do the same. He gets her to training centre and does her admission. She says they are strict to make the students discipline and no rule should be broken, and welcomes

Chakor. Chakor thanks her. Ishwar asks her not to get tensed and go. Chakor hugs Ishwar and thanks him. He gets teary eyed and asks her to work hard, and move ahead whatever happens, she has to make her name shine in every race, think when she comes back after winning race, the villagers will be proud of her, people see dreams by their eyes, but I have seen dreams by your eyes, don’t let them break, be happy and smile, everything will happen on its own. She hugs and kisses him. he smiles seeing Chakor.

Chakor talks to the girls and asks whats this painting, my friend Vivaan makes good painting. The girls ask her to throw this painting and Chakor throws it. Geetha looks on and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Surajmal tells Jaimal to return to his state and live there peacefully even if that means that he will be under Akbar. If you continue to stay here as Pratap’s guest, then you should forget about getting Merta back ever. He will never be able to help you in winning Merta again. jaimal reminds him that they both are Rajputs. The only difference is that I am not saleable. It is impossible to get a friend like Pratap. He is the best warrior. I cannot lose such a friend. Surajmal talks about the citizens of Merta. Jaimal says I will win Merta back from Akbar in the war. Surajmal gives up. How can I help someone who is adamant on committing suicide? Neither you nor your Pratap can save yourself from Mughals. You will run out of all the resources real soon. For how long will you save yourself from Mughals? They will break the walls of the fort pretty soon. Jaimal wouldn’t have minded giving him a proper lesson if he wasn’t a messenger. I know how to treat my guest. I will meet you in the war zone only. You yourself will realise who is of what worth. I know you aren’t a bad person but you are indeed in a bad company. Leave that Mughal and join hands with us. Show that coward Mughals what Rajputs are capable of! Dying for your motherland is much more peaceful than siding with someone for money. Join hands with us. We will fight against those cowards together. Surajmal leaves from there.

The courtesans are discussing the situation. They go quiet when Jaimal greets them. Pratap wants to appoint a main commander as the war is on peak. He gives the chance to Raja Jaimal. He is so experienced. Everyone is taken aback by his decision. Dodhiya ji still wants Pratap to ask Jaimal ji once about what Surajmal came here for. Jaimal is touched by Pratap’s trust in him. You dint even ask me about my convo with Surajmal. Pratap knows that he cannot stoop down before anyone. You think of nothing other than motherland. I am so proud of you. Let’s think about war. Akbar wont sit peacefully now as you have declined his offer. We have to be ready for his every attack.

Akbar orders his commanders to attack on Chittor’s fort. I want to win this war asap. I wont sit peacefully till I get this fort. These Rajputs are fools. They have nothing to eat or no weapons to fight with us yet they are so arrogant. We will seek revenge for our insult, for the soldiers / workers who died in the sapaat’s. The commanders charge up. Pratap sends all the men at different gates. Akbar tells his soldiers to enter inside the fort from the crack in the wall. We have to enter inside. We have to break that wall at any cost! The soldiers march forward towards the fort.

The Mewar soldiers are all set to shoot arrows at the approaching enemy. The Mughal army is real huge. Pratap tells a plan of actions to his teammates. Many Mughal soldiers die because of the attack from Mewar soldiers from above the fort. The Mughals shoot them in counter attack. There is another cannon blast. The ladies inside are tensed. They understand that they have been surrounded from all the corners. Almost all the arrow shooters die by the gun shots. Mughal soldiers enter inside the fort. Pratap goes down to fight with them.

Mughal soldiers kill a few Mewar soldiers inside the fort. Pratap gets angry. How dare you step inside our house and kill our own people? He kills all the soldiers that come in his way. Mughals blast a big cart full of gunpowder around one of the gates. Pratap and everyone at Chittor are heartbroken. The Mughal commanders smile. Pratap says Jai Ekling ji and gets ready to face all the soldiers entering from that area.

Precap: Akbar wants his soldiers to continue shooting bullets and cannons. Pratap is shocked to see some Afghani soldiers killing the Mewar soldiers with guns.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with,pandit is chit chating with tika and malkhan and comes vibhuti and anguri in a rickshaw and a man is announcing tat see wat vibhuti has to says and vibhuti announces tat they have started new cattering services named Sahi pakde hai u don’t have to cook food at home u will get home cooked food and u will get a roti,2vegetables,raita,rice,and sweet malkhan then asks wat is the rate and vibhuti tells its very less just 35rs and tika says its too costly and hapu singh says tat u shut up its very low rate and then pandit says tat even I will take the tiffin and hapu singh asks y u need he says I have to cook food at home and everyone laughs and then hapu singh says tat even I will take tiffin and and pandit says tat y don’t ur wife cook food and he says wats ur problem if I want to have it and vibhuti says tat first who gives order will get a sweet free and everyone gets in a line to give order and anguri is sitting to write the orders and saxena comes to vibhuti and says tat is there any job for him and vibhuti gives him the job to deliever tifins and then tika asks can we get non veg for 35rs and hapu singh gets angry and hits him and asks him to leave while anita sees all this from her terrace
Vibhuti goes home and anita is waiting and he is busy attending phone calls and after he finishes his phone cal anita asks where were u the whole day he tells her tat he has started a business catering business sahi pakde hai and anita says I heard tat in morning and he asks y were u asking then and anita says tat I wanted u to tell me and vibhuti gets a call and then after the call finishes anita asks vibhuti to go and wash the utencils and clothes and vibhuti says tat he is busy and he goes to attend phone and anita says now I have to do the work and leaves
Tiwari call anguri and says where r u u haven’t prepared nashta yet and comes vibhuti and he calls anguri and tells tat our catering services has got its first order of 50 tifins and he congratulates anguri and tiwari sees this and asks wat is this going on and vibhuti says tat its our business meeting and then they go in kitchen to decide the menu and tiwari wonders anguri is so busy and then saxena is seen counting tifins and anguri and vibhuti come out and ask have u checked the number of tifins and saxena says yes I have checked it and vibhuti gives him the list to whom the tifin should be delivered and saxena says tat I m very happy to see u working vibhuti brother and he cries and he then asks for advance and vibhuti slaps him and he says I like it and he leaves while tiwari comes out running and says to anguri tat wen will u give me lunch and vibhuti says to him u have hands go take it and anguri says tat ya u take it and feed ladu also and then vibhuti asks him to go in as they are doing business and comes anita and she calls vibhuti while vibhuti says tat he is busy in meeting and says tat ur looks don’t work on me now and anita gets upset and leaves
At night tiwari gets in a romantic mood and he applies perfume and awaits for anguri she comes talking on phone tell Mr. agarwal tat u give bad quality raw vegetables we will take it from other distributor and tiwari is waiting for her after she finishes her a call tiwari says tat today he wants to do romance and ball dance with her and she hands him 15000 rs and tells tat we have written the 10,000 rs I took from him and vibhuti asked me to give 5000 rs as interest and tiwari says tat it was not really essential and then he takes her hand in his hand and is about to start dance vibhuti calls her he is seen coming home and anita is waiting for him in gallery and he tells anguri tathe has checked with agarwal and the raw material is good and we will buy from him and then they decide the menu for next day and hungs up tiwari then starts going closer to anguri and then again Anguris phone rings and vibhuti asks u didn’t tell me about sweets and tiwari takes the phone and says wat kind of business is this tat u do till late night and vibhuti says tat we do a royal businesss not a business like u for undergarments and hangs up and tiwari goes to hug anguri and she is sleeping and he gets irritated vibhuti goes home and anita says tat I missed u I am happy tat u are working but u should give time to me and he says till today I have given time to life partner now its time for business and then he asks anita to close her eyes and she says is it a gift for me and he says yes and he gives her a gold ring and says tat it’s a 24 carrat gold and she then asks him tat she wants this ring to weared in her hand by rajaram and vibhuti gets a call and he leaves and then anita says thanx vibhu I love u.

Tiwari says to anita tat I cant see u upset we should find some solution on it and anita says there is no solution and tiwari says there is and he is then seen pouring a loose motion powder in hapu singhs tifin and says now when hapu singh will have food he will get ill and their business will be closed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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Nach Baliye 7 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 7 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amruta apologizes to Upen saying she didn’t want to take any bad memory home. They hug and make up. Karishma comes and says she likes Upen’s all the things. She says he always motivates me and inclined towards positivity. She suggests him to relax his mind and go with the flow to make her life simpler. Upen says he will think about it.

Rithvik calls Amruta next. Dipesh says Amruta is very caring and amazing. He says she is not letting us go on a boys’ trip, me and Himanshu. Sana says Amruta is very lovely, sister like, and I always know Amruta for the rest of my life. She says she can let things go being emotional. Karishma says Amruta is very clean hearted girl. She says she is impulse talker and should correct it. Upen says I didn’t see Amruta talking angrily with anyone. Nandish comes and says there are lots of good things in her, and I can see lot of turmoil in her. He asks her to forget it and wishes her to calm down. Rashmi says Himanshu is very lucky to have her. Himanshu smiles. Rashmi says I want her to change her childish nature. Mayuresh says I really loves when she calls me Maya. Amruta says she gives pet name to everyone. Himanshu comes and says Amruta transform herself for me. I think this is enough for me. Rithvik says he understands Amruta well. Amruta thanks everyone.

Rithvik calls Karishma next. Ajisha says she is very helpful, and I talked to her with gujrati. She says I felt bad about her walk, and asks her to walk properly with her feet straight. Amruta says I love Karishma and her everything. She says there is a kid inside her, and she asks him to stay inside. She asks her to never change her relation with her mum. Rashmi says Karishma is very matured, and shop less. Dipesh says she is very sweet, and stays the way you are. Himanshu says she is a wonderful person, and needs to improve being impulsive talker. Sana says she didn’t like her height, and asks not to wear heels. Nandish says you have to more careful about your things. Upen says she is natural, talented girl. I wish she work harder. Rithvik says very very well played. He says this is not love challenge, but just an activity. I wanted you all to take good memory from her, and hopes you have learnt something today.

Rithvik tells that they have reached the finale week, and asks about their favorite love challenge. Karishma says I like donut love challenge. She says I was laughing and couldn’t eat. Upen tells that he liked the love challenge when he confessed about his dislike. Rithik says you had a fight during a love challenge. Upen says we have no choice, but to communicate with my partner. Karishma says this love challenge have definitely brought us together, as our relation is new. I didn’t regret to do this show.

Sana, Dipesh, Himanshu, Rashmi and others tell about their experience.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naksh saying he can try at far colleges, he has no option nearby. Naitik asks Akshara to see he did not get admission and one year will get waste. Akshara reminds him that he is joking. Naitik asks is this any joke. Naksh asks him to chill. Naitik scolds him. Naksh says really sorry, I applied in college who said, I will get admission, I did not keep any option, I will focus on it. Akshara asks him to fill any other course form too. Naira says he will manage. Naitik says over confidence is not good. Naksh says its just confidence. Nandini asks Yash to have food, she made his fav food. Rukmani asks him to have kheer. Yash says he had food outside. Nandini insists. He gets Sanju’ call.

She asks him to come to see hostels tomorrow. He says sure, bye. She asks what bye, sing a song, tell I love you, be romantic. He says fine okay. She asks him to say I love you. He says please try to understand. Nandini calls him. Yash says mum takes care of me, I love you mumma. Sanju laughs and ends call. She asks Rajshri why is she upset. Rajshri says nothing. Sanju stops her way and asks her to say, else she will go back to Cape town. Rajshri says no, stay in any hostel nearby. Sanju says when she asked her to stay here, she thought to stay, but no, I want to be independent.

Rajshri says we all are here. Sanju says yes, so I took this big decision, I will try to get hostel, else I will stay here, are you wishing to Lord that I stay here. Rajshri asks will her dad not miss her. Sanju says he does, but he can’t say anything infront of mum, he will be happy if I m happy, and I m happy. Naitik asks Naksh to study for entrance. Naksh says he will study.

Akshara asks him to get serious and study, else he will regret. Rashmi says she is going back. Devyaani asks why is she going. Akshara says is she annoyed. Rashmi says nothing, I have office work and have to go. She says I know you all are upset, but I have to see work. Naira asks her to leave Gayu here. Gayu says I have to be there for my mum, she will be alone. Naitik says sure, be with her. Akshara asks Rashmi to promise to stay for more days next time. Rashmi hugs everyone and sees Bhabhimaa. Gayu hugs Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa asks them to come back soon, and cries.

Naman says he will drop Rashmi. Bau ji and Naksh go along. Akshara consoles Bhabhimaa. Rajshri comes to Vishwamber and talks to him. He says she is finding Akshara in Sanju, she will never change, if anyone talks to her well, she makes them loved ones. She says Sanju is nice girl. He says today’s kids want freedom and space, let them be as they want, you can bind me. She says fine, I will give milk to Sanju and come. He asks why she stays worried for Sanju. She says she is Naksh’s friend and has no one here. She goes.

Bhabhimaa cries and says I felt I will convince Rashmi, but she went. Bau ji says she will come again, I will explain her. Karishma says she will not agree, she did not meet Bhabhimaa when she went. Devyaani signs her to not say this. Akshara says Rashmi will agree soon. Naitik says this time Rashmi will miss everyone, she will like to come back and understand its not anyone’s mistake. Bhabhimaa says no, its my mistake, I will not lose courage and wait for her forgiveness like you did.

Mishti and Naira bond and Mishti likes her things. Naira asks her not to break the pen gifted by her best friend. Mishti breaks it and Naira gets upset. Naira says I told you not to break it, don’t touch my things. Akshara and Karishma come and hear them. Karishma asks Mishti to tell her what she wants, she will get things for her, and takes her. Akshara asks Naira to talk well with Mishti. Naira says she is missing Cape town and not wish to go school here. Naitik says every change brings opportunities for growth. Akshara says yes, when we went there, everything was new for us. He says she can make friends here.

Ananya tells Varsha that she will drink plain milk. Varsha asks is she fine. Ananya says she noticed she gets late sleep by chocolate milkshake. Varsha says good she learnt this after going to office. Naksh hears music and reads the book. Naitik and Akshara look on. Naitik asks her to see Naksh. She says he is studying. He says does anyone study this way. She says you are taking tension for little things. Naitik says see he is playing video game too. He goes to Naksh and asks why is he not studying well. Naksh asks is he spying, did he fire Naira from job, how will she earn now.

Naitik says we have seen just now. Naksh asks how does he know, he is studying. Naitik says study well and they argue. He gets a call and goes. Akshara asks Naksh to focus and study well to get admission. Naksh says there is no logic and he went annoyed. She says study, I will come to see. Yash tells Sanju that he will come and asks her to be ready, they will see home together. Rukmani tries to hear him.

Nandini sees Rukmani and says Maa. Rukmani falls. Yash says I will call you back and ends call. Rukmani says she was finding balm. Nandini says come, I will apply. Yash gets relieved. Akshara asks Naitik not to be angry, Naksh is responsible. He hugs her being sad. She asks is he fine, what happened. He says they have to sell off the restaurant Krishna. She asks who told you. He says Shergill called. She says we gave it to staff to take care. He says there are many rules there, there is no profit as its not running well in our absence. She hugs him and they cry recalling the restaurant and happy moments there.

He says he left it being sure that staff will manage, he was wrong. She says we both were wrong, and get sad. Naksh looks on and cries.

Naitik asks Naksh where was he, why did he go without solving papers, and says he is grounded.

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Piya Rangrezz 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sher searches Shraddha’s prepared dum aalo in catering area. He turns back and sees Shraddha smiling at him holdin dumX aalo and rotis. He walks out shying.

Bhavri’s guests asks if she has not arranged dance masti in her party and her party is looking like draught stricken. She signals and dancer ladies start dancing on mehboob mere….song. Sher walks from there and bites dum aloo from Sumer’s plate. Sunehri shows him dum aloo bowl and gives it to Shraddha. Shraddha shies seeing him and he also nervously walks from there.

Dancer lady wearing mask continues dancing. She serves alcohol to everyone except Bhavri. Sher comes and sits next to Bhavri. Lady continues to serve alcohol to everyone. Shraddha looks at her eyes and gets suspicious that she must be Rani (which she is actually). All guests fall down one by one due to poison in alcohol. Bhavri and family get tensed seeing so many people on floor. Sher asks Sumer to lock door and make sure nobody enters in and asks to call doc.

Shraddha reminisces lady (rani) serving alcohol and searches her. She sees her going into Sher’s rom and follows her. She sees her sitting on sofa and says she knows she served poisoned alcohol to everyone and asks who is she. Rani removes mask and says torture Rani does not forget insulted and she took her revenge. She says she will slap her in such a way that she will feel the pain her whole life. She says she served poisoned alcohol, but police will catch house owner, in this case Sher. Sher will go to jail his whole life. She asks how was torture Rani’s, she will give wrong statement and will get Sher arrested. She would have given poisoned alcohol to Sher, but she loves him, so she spared him, now both Sher and Bhavri will go to jail. She will fulfill her promise made to her partners and says she will show where her place is. She asks her to save her husband by leaving him for her.

Shraddha says her demand is wrong. Rani says it is, but she does not have any option and should take a decision in 1 night. Shraddha gets tensed while Rani easily walks away.

Doc checks patients and takes them to hospital via ambulance. Maama asks Bhavri not to worry, he will find out culprit. Bhavri says who will dare than Rani. Reporters throng in and try to enter. Vikas stops them and Bhavri asks him to send him out. They forcefully enter and ask Bhavri if she is involved in all this mishap. Sher holds gun on them and shoos them away. Bhavri takes him in and says this all mishap happened in her house and she is responsible. He says Rani did it and he will not spare her. She says it is because of him that Rani took her revenge and all this is because of Shraddha. Shraddha gets nervous and walks from there. Bhavri shouts at Sher to walk behind her and console her.

Bhavri tells Sher innocent gets punished and culprit easily walks away, so he should think calmly. Sher gets Rani’s call who says she gave nice reply for his slap and made his amma culprit. He says he will not spare her. She says she is waiting for him with outstretched hands and asks if his wife did not inform anything. He asks what rubbish she is talking about. She says she gave a deal to his wife, but she does not think his wife wants to save his amma. She tells a sher/snippet and laughs.

Precap: Sher asks Shraddha if Rani called her. She says she talked to her directly and she told she wants to get him.

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