Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone finding Ruhi in the mall. Ruhi is still there and Shagun sees her. She goes after Ruhi. She stops Ruhi from going out of the mall. Ruhi asks what happened, I m not alone, I m with my parents, I was going to take saree for my Ishi Maa, who are you. Shagun says I… and asks the guard where is his focus, girl was going out alone. Ruhi realizes its Shagun’s voice and asks her who is she. Shagun is about to show her face and stops seeing Ishita. Ishita hugs Ruhi and asks where did she go. Ruhi says she was going to see saree for her. Ruhi says sorry, I won’t do this again. Ishita says everyone was worried, come now, its fine.

Ruhi says when I was going, some aunty in burqa stopped me, she scolded the guard for me, her voice was like Shagu. Ishita says Shagun…. And looks around. She hugs Ruhi and asks her not to go anywhere leaving her, and kisses her. Ishita thinks was it Shagun in burqa, why did she run, did she come to snatch my daughter again. Tere Dil se mere dil se…………plays………. Ishita lifts Ruhi and takes her. Raman takes her and asks where was she. Ishita tells everything and asks Raman how can he be so careless.

Vandu manages the baby. Amma comes to her and says its too late, why did baby not sleep, drink the milk and rest for some time Vandu. She takes the baby. Amma says I think baby wants massage, she will get good sleep. Vandu says she will not give anyone her baby, and argues with Amma. Amma goes from there. She gets annoyed and tells Appa about Vandu, and asks did I raise my daughters just like that. Appa asks what happened. Amma says I told Vandu to call massage helper woman for baby and she refused. She says baby is restless, Vandu is not getting enough and getting irritating, baby’s proper sleep is imp for growth, you go and get the massager lady, and describes her. She sends him.

Appa goes to the guard and asks for a massager lady. The guard thinks Appa is asking for himself, and says she is the one. Appa talks to the lady. The lady says she is busy, everyone here wants me to massage. Bala comes and looks on. Appa asks her to come. The lady says she heard his wife is very irritating. Appa says she is not at home, so I want you to come. Bala is shocked. The lady agrees to come. Appa gets a message and says fine come. He asks the lady to walk away from him, if his daughter sees, it will be problem. She says fine, come. Bala says Appa is smart, he asked her to maintain distance, what will I do there, I will sit here and go there when the lady comes back.

Ashok gets a girl at his home and says he is very happy, and takes her to his room. He is drunk and shows his room. The girl ties his hands and makes him lie on the bed. She ties his feet. He asks what is she doing. She takes his wallet, and watch. She says sorry sweetheart and runs. He gets angry and sees Suraj stopping the girl. Suraj walks in angrily staring at her. He slaps her, and asks her to return everything and get lost. The girl returns the items. Suraj says if she is seen around Ashok, he will not leave her. She leaves.

Suraj asks Ashok how can he get a thief at home, does he identity people or not. Ashok taunts him that Suraj has ditched him. Suraj asks him to focus on business. Ashok says I know your business is in loss. Suraj says sorry, we did mistake to get apart, our enemy is same, Raman Bhalla, I will not leave Raman, I can’t see him getting successful, he was our employee, we have to do something to bring Raman in his right place. They join hands. Mihika sees Bala in the compound. Bala tells her about Appa asking a lady for massage. She says no, you might be mistaken. He says no, I heard him, I think its because of Bhallas, when Amma knows this, how will she react. She says its not possible. He says come, we both will go and see the massage scene.

Bala and Mihika come and see Appa giving her the oil. Mihika says Amma is more beautiful than her. Bala says maybe Amma does not do massage. Appa says come to bedroom, no one is at home. They both get shocked. Vandu comes and asks whats wrong. Bala says nothing, you go to room. He tells Mihika that now Vandu will not leave Appa. Vandu asks Appa to stop it, and brings lady out. The lady asks Appa whats all this. Vandu says how dare you do this. Amma comes and says I told Appa to call the lady for massage. Bala gets dizzy by shock. The lady leaves on Vandu’s saying.

Vandu asks Bala are you okay. He says that lady. Vandu says I have sent her, I can’t let the lady massage my baby. He says what. She says yes. Mihika laughs. Vandu asks Bala what did he think. Bala starts laughing. Raman talks to Bansal. He sees Ishita upset and apologizes. She says no, actually you take care of Ruhi, its not about you, its something else. He asks what is it. She tells about Ruhi seeing burqa clad woman and she felt her voice was like Shagun, and even I feel the same, I m scared that she can come to snatch Ruhi. He gets angry. She says no, we are not sure. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla bring some items and ask Ishita to adjust in her bag. Raman asks about Ruhi. Ishita says we have to tell you something.

Raman and Ishita tell the elders about Shagun being in Mumbai, and Raman is sure that Shagun wants to snatch the kids, Adi and Ruhi should not know this, we will leave tomorrow morning. Ruhi and Rinki look on.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila enters store room and falls after stepping on a rope. All utenils on stand fall on her and just when stand falls, Gopi runs and holds stand. She rescues Kokila and brings her out. Whole family gathers and asks how did she fall. She says there was a rope tied purposefully and asks who had gone into store room. Chirag says Meera. Meera starts shouting to stop alleging her. She alleges Pari instead and says she wanted to take revenge from Kokila as she punished her in the morning. Pari says even she was punished, so she must have done it. Their argument starts and Pari says she cannot think of harming Kokila and alleging Meera as she like her daughter. Meera says she is neither her nor Gopi’s daughter and Pari is Tolu/molu’s step daughter. Ahem and Kokila scold Meera. Pari says since she is born, she has troubled whole family.

Gopi confronts Pari and says though Meera is arrogant, she cannot harm Kokila and she trust her. There must be someone else involved and they should find it. Pari says just like tailor’s child is tailor, criminal’s daugther is criminal. Jigar asks her to mind her tongue. Pari says if everyone trouble her like this, she will go back to her dad’s house. Kokila asks her to watch her words as she may repent later. Hetal interferes and says there will be differences between family memembers, that does not mean that they should keep a grudge on each other. She asks Pari to apologize everyone if she respects her. Pari apologizes. She then asks Ahem to apologize everyone and PAri as he is elder son of this family and it is his responsibility to keep the family reunited. He is Pari’s jija and jeth, so he should apologize her and even forgive. He apologizes eveyrone and pari. She then tells tomorrow is fasting day for women for their husband’s longer life and she hopes they all will keep fast.

Urmila calls Kinjal and asks her to get tea. Kinjal says she is busy and will bring later. She starts shouting for help that her bahu is trying to kill her. Kinjal agrees and goes to bring tea.

Meera tells Ahem that he knows when she takes his oath, she never lies, she is not involved in all this. Pari on the other side says same to Jigar and asks to trust her. He says he knows, but don’t know who is behind this. Kokila tells Gopi if Pari and Meera have not done this, then there is someone who is trying to harm our family. Gopi says she is right and sneezes. Kokila says she came back to Modi bhavan after 10 years and all these incidents are happening, she will not rest until she finds out who is behind this. Gopi asks her to rest, but she repeats same and says the way she fell today she is sure that a family member has done this. Gopi asks her to calm down and rest while she brings her turmeric milk.

Someone enters kitchen and cuts gas pipe. Gopi enters kitchen and sees light off. She does not smell gas due to cold and does not see gas pipe broken. She presses lighter, but it does not work. She continues pressing lighter when Ahem passes by, smells gas and immediatley stops her. He opens windows and says gas is leaking. He chcks pipe and finds it broken. He says someone has tampered gas pipe. Kokila also comes and is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Kokila checks store room and realizes that someone had planned to kill her by making fall utenils on her and thinks she will find out who he/she is.

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi going to talk to Yuvraaj. Krishna stops Suhani and says he will not let her go. Suhani apologizes to him. He asks will everything be fine by one mistake, his career got stain, will it get fine, Suhani gives lecture and its tough to apply truth, she got on side when it came on her friend. He sees Soumya’s phone ringing and its Radhe’s phone ringtone. He sees Radhe’s phone with Soumya. He asks her about it. Soumya says she has stolen it from his bag so that she can get Radhe out. He says Soumya has gone blind for Suhani’s friendship, she did not see her husband’s pain and you have seen my wounds and still don’t care. He gets angry and asks her why did she favor Suhani. Menka and Rags see the drama.

Krishna says stop it Soumya. Rohan puts water on his head to cool his anger. He says this is my Dadi’s formula to put cool thing on hot things, to cool it down. Menka claps. Rohan thanks him. Lalita says now even guests will insult my son. Rohan says she can’t file case on him, putting water will not kill Krishna. Suhani asks Rohan to leave it. Soumya asks Krishna to come. Krishna and his family leaves. Rohan says you welcome mother india. Suhani says clean the water you have put. He asks why. She says you have put it, so you will clean. She goes.

Dadi tells Yuvraaj that she is not lying, she loves him a lot. He asks why did she not swear on him. She says she is sure her he will believe her, she wanted to teach Soumya a lesson, she left you in mandap and hurt your heart and then that Suhani got them at home against my wish, I wanted to show that Soumya and Krishna are bad, but Krishna took my sign by cheat and did all this. He asks why did she do this just for her dislike for Suhani. She says I did not know I will become bad in doing good for home, forgive me and cries. He holds her hand and says he trusts her, she can’t do anything wrong. He hugs her and she smiles being relieved.

She asks him to take some rest and he goes. Dadi wipes her tears. Krishna kicks out Radhe and says this is my family, you cheated me, and even my wife. Soumya says I was just saving you. Radhe asks is this his final decision and signs Rakhi. He begs him to forgive him and Krishna kicks him. Rakhi says please forgive him, I will explain Radhe. Lalita asks Krishna to forgive him, as Radhe is their son in law. Krishna gets angry.

Suhani talks to Yuvraaj in their room. He says he spoke to Dadi. She asks what did she say. He says she said the truth, I was annoyed, but she said why she did this, its all fine now, she has done this to show us Krishna and Soumya’s truth. She says but Krishna told us that Dadi has called them home. He asks will she believe liars, they framed me in fake case, Dadi is upset and it will be better to forget all this. She gets upset. He asks shall we have samosas. She asks when did he start eating samosas. He says I can like anything after having jail food, and asks her not to cry. She says I m not crying. He asks her to go and get samosas fast.

He says he fears to make her lose in argument and so he loses in arguments. Rohan tells Dadi that he will stay here till his home gets done with pipelining work. She asks him why is he asking. He says I m saying, not asking. She thanks him for the case. He asks her for the fees. She gives him the cheque and he tears it. He says you made me study, sent me for law studies abroad, why will I take money, you can pay cheque to Suhani, if you want to give me anything, tell me the truth. She asks what. He says I m joking.

Dadi asks Menka to show the guest room to Rohan. Menka asks will he take over our home after Krishna. He says I rule hearts, not home. She asks is he flirting, fine he can do. He says you are very broad minded. She giggles and takes him. Suhani is making samosas in kitchen and tells Sharad. Sharad gets a call and ends it. He tells Suhani that Yuvraaj is very lucky. He goes to attend a call.

Menka shows guest room to Rohan. He sees Yuvraaj’s pic and asks was this room of Yuvraaj before. She says yes, Suhani is going from here in some days. Rags comes and stops her. Menka goes. Rohan says whats happening between Yuvraaj and Suhani, I have to find out. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why is she making samosas, he is hungry and will faint. She asks him to have something else, she is making. He says I want samosas. She asks him to have samosas made by her and order it by market when she goes. They get sad. Main waari jaawan……….Piya ore piya……..plays……….. She cries.

Dadi asks Suhani to manage business till it gets stable, and this is her decision. Suhani and everyone get shocked.

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Mere Angne Mein 12th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti talking Sarla to her home, to make a list. She makes her note the list, about 10 tola gold chain, and many more gold gifts of 10 tola necklaces. She writes for 50 tola for Riya to wear gold, and few lakhs of money. Sarla thinks she will take 5 lakhs and tell 3 lakhs to Shanti. Shanti asks her to tell Anupam to print the cards. Sarla laughs. Sarla hides about Amit and Shivam’s confusion. Shanti gets Raghav’s call and says I will go home. She leaves. Pari’s BF drops her and she asks him to call her tomorrow. Rani sees her and gets shocked. She smiles and Pari turns to her. Pari gets stunned. Rani taunts her about the rich guy. Pari says he is just friend.

Pari goes to her home. Rani smiles. Kaushalya asks Preeti to take leave from office, as its Amit’s marriage and she can’t do all work alone. Shivam comes with many gifts and clothes for Kaushalya and sisters. Kaushalya cries and says its best saree for her, as its from his earnings. He gives his sister’s gifts and says he got clothes for Raghav and Shanti too. He gives her the commission money and she cries. She asks him to give it to Dadi, she will be more happy than me. He asks her to keep it for once. She takes it and says Raghav will be very happy. He gets a call and says he will go and come in some time. She smiles seeing the saree.

Anupam brings his wife’s bridal dress for Riya and cries recalling his wife. Riya consoles him and talks about her mum. She says love is very imp and I will take you with me, I m sure no one will have problem there, else I will fight with everyone. She makes him laugh and hugs him. Shanti comes home and sees Kaushalya with the new saree. Preeti and Nimmi come wearing new dresses. Shanti gets angry and throws the saree Shivam got for her, asking for Sarla’s saree. Raghav comes home and the saree falls in his feet. He looks at them.

Shanti says Shivam gave his commission to Kaushalya ad she did all the shopping. Raghav asks Kaushalya. Kaushalya says he gave me commission to give it to Shanti. Nimmi says he has got designer sarees for Sarla too. Shanti takes Kaushalya’s saree and says she will give it to Sarla. Kaushalya says Shivam got this saree foe the first time. Shanti gives her the saree and says she will buy one for Sarla. Raghav says no, take this one and asks Kaushalya to give it. Raghav gives the commission to Shanti. Kaushalya keeps the empty envelope and hugs it, being happy. Shanti takes all the money and gives one note to Kaushalya, asking Nimmi to take pic.

Sarla calls Anupam and asks him to come and meet her, she is worried and wants to discuss something. He says he will come. Riya gets roses at office and tells Bunty that Shivam loves her a lot. Bunty gets confused. Riya reminds that she will prove Shivam’s love today. She asks Bunty to dial her number. Riya acts like talking to some Jai, and makes him jealous, saying she got his roses and she likes it. Shivam asks Bunty about Jai, is he just friend. She asks is he jealous, after their connection now. He says he is not jealous and goes to his seat. Bunty smiles.

Shanti asks Preeti to iron clothes well. Kaushalya asks her can she get any matching set for her. Shanti allows her. Nimmi brings her list and Shanti laughs. She makes Nimmi wear a saree and asks her to see how it looks, and will her slipper be seen if she wears saree, and cuts the sandal request from the list. Bunty asks Riya to end acting now, Shivam is jealous. Riya says please some what more, and acts infront of Shivam. She asks Bunty to come with her in evening, she wants to buy flowers and a blue shirt for Jai. They smile. Shivam looks on.

Nimmi asks Shanti for some money to make a saree for Kaushalya and Shanti refuses. She asks Kaushalya to get saree from her maayka. Riya says Bunty, Shivam has got upset, I m feeling bad. Bunty laughs on her love story. Sarla welcomes Anupam and says she is worried, the marriage mahurat is in 4 days. He says how will we manage so soon. She says it will be done, and convinces him. She sees Ashok coming home. Ashok sits with them. Sarla says Ashok is my husband and Anupam is Riya’s dad. Ashok greets Anupam. Sarla asks Ashok to sit inside, he will get unwell. Ashok asks what happened to me. Sarla says his Bp get high. Ashok says BP…. Sarla says yes, come with me and takes him in room. He asks when did I get BP, let me talk to Anupam. She asks him not to talk and save respect. He says he will not come in marriage if she says.

Shivam recalls Riya’s words and gets jealous of Jai. He goes to the roses and tries seeing the name. Riya and Bunty look on and smile. He throws the roses in bin and Riya laughs. They hide from Shivam’s sight. Bunty says Riya’s idea was super hit. Riya says few things can just be felt and smiles.

Shivam comes to Riya’s home at night, while it rains. She feels his presence and goes out to see.

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Veera 12th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Veera 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri asking who is bring these crates. Dilawar comes and says he has got them as Baldev asked him to bring mangoes for you all. Balwant asks Veera to see. Baldev apologizes to her by signing and she goes. Baldev asks Bansuri to eat plenty of mangoes as she wanted, and think its from Ranvi’s side. Deepu sees Dilawar taking a crate and stops him, saying she will tell Baldev. He holds her hand and Geet comes to stop him. He asks her to teach Deepu some manners, not everyone is like Ranvi to bear her. She says she knows what to teach Deepu and goes with her.

Baldev asks Veera to have mangoes. She is busy in work. He starts eating the mango and she looks at him, eating it like a small kid. He asks her to have it and holds her close. The mango get on her cheek. He says its very sweet, and asks her not to be annoyed. She says its difficult to understand him. He asks her not to try, and just know I love you a lot, I can’t see you sad. She hugs him. Mahiya……………..plays………… She says even she does not want to stay annoyed, but he stopped her from meeting Ranvi. He says I know you understand what I said, that’s why you agreed, I don’t have any problem with Ranvi, just support me.

Its morning, Veera goes to Gurudwara and prays for Geet that she gets a good groom. A man enters and prays there, sitting behind her. She turns and starts going. The man sees her and smiles. Veera recalls something and looks at him. He says atlast you identified me. She says she did not dream he will come Pritampura, how are you here. He introduces himself as Rahul, her professor and friend, and says he has come here to support the school founded by Ratan Singh, I wanted to meet her, then came to know she is no more. She cries and says Ratam Singh is my Biji. He says I m so sorry, I did not know. She says its fine.

He says I did not know you stay here, else I would have contacted you, where will I get good coffee here. She says she can get best tea for him, instead coffee and takes him. They go to some tea stall and he asks why did she not go abroad. She says she got married here and she has many works here. He asks what is her husband. She says he is pind’s sarpanch. He says wow, it means you are big shot. They laugh and have a talk. Baldev passes by and stops seeing them. He thinks who is this man. She says you will be happy meeting him. He says I think you love him a lot. She says yes. Baldev comes and holds Veera.

He gets jealous and asks Veera not to worry, he will deal with this guy. Rahul smiles and says don’t worry, she is not my type. Baldev asks what, what do you mean, are you any prince, Veera is world’s best girl. She asks is he saving her or making my relation. Baldev says I m saying you are best. Rahul says Veera, you will be proud of him, and says Baldev I m her professor, she is my student, and I regard all my students as my kids. Baldev asks is he her teacher. Rahul nods and smiles. Veera says he is my Sir, I met him in Gurudwara and I got him here for tea. Baldev smiles. Rahul says he just met his student and is glad. Baldev asks him to come home for food, and asks him to get his family. Rahul says I have come alone. Baldev insists and asks Veera to tell her Sir. They believe guest is Lord, and teacher just came in my house to complain about me, you will be first teacher to have food. They take him home.

Everyone meet Rahul Sodhi, and he compliments Bansuri. He sees Geet and Balwant introduces her. Bansuri says he also looks young and he is a professor. She asks him about his wife and kids, did he not marry. He says no. She asks why, he is good looking. He says I did not get time, I m thinking to marry this time. Baldev says he will be right for Geet. Veera looks at Rahul and Geet. Baldev smiles.

Baldev says Rahul is perfect for Geet. Veera says I know, let me talk. He ties her to the chair. She says leave me, else.. He says I know you will be angry. He goes out.

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Balika Vadhu 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Disa thinking she has to stop Nimboli coming infront of Anandi. Nimboli is seen playing with Pampodi. Nimboli sees some boys’ playing and insists to play with them. The boys challenges her to play. Pampodi asks her to show the boys that she can play. Jagya enquires about the temple from the villagers. Nimboli plays the game. Disa comes running there. Pampodi and Nimboli smiles. She shouts that they have won. Disa sees Jagya’s car coming towards there and is shocked. Jagya rings the horn as Nimboli is seen playing infront of car. Jagya gets down the car. Disa covers her head with Pallu and takes Nimboli from there, before Jagya could see her face. Disa asks her to come home. Pampodi says let her play. Disa takes her. Jagya, Anandi and Ganga go from there.

Akhiraj, Harki and newly weds reach the Devimaa temple. Kundan says he recalls coming here before. Akhiraj recalls Anandi running towards his car pleading him to return her daughter. Akhiraj says he didn’t know and asks them to come. Kundan tries to hold Urmila’s hand, while she doesn’t let him touch. Kundan says we have came here for sure. Akhiraj is haunted by the past and recalls Anandi crying. Kundan says I am sure that we came here before. Akhiraj shouts at him. Urmila’s jewellery falls down from her bag and she shouts. Kundan and Harki pick it up. Akhiraj scolds Harki for not keeping the stuff in the house. Urmila screams and make an issue, blaming Harki. Akhiraj asks her to calm down. Kundan says I have kept your jewellery in your bag. Urmila asks them to leave her at her Bapu’s house. Akhiraj scolds her.

Mannu comes to jalebi shop. The seller tells that you are the same boy who came in the morning. Mannu says he left for some important work. The seller gives jalebis and kachori. Mannu thanks him and sees Jagya’s car coming there. He hides. Jagya shows the photo to the villagers and try to enquire. Ganga says we shall enquire with the pandit ji. Anandi asks the Pandit ji, who says he didn’t perform the wedding. Mannu hears them silently. Jagya shows the pic. Pandit ji says I didn’t get them marred. He calls other Pandit and shows the photo. The other Pandit refuse to see the pic. The pandit ji says this marriage is happened here, but don’t know why performed the wedding. Ganga gets angry and tells that her husband is a MLA. She threatens them. Other Pandit ji accepts to have got them married. Anandi asks about their whereabouts. He tells they stay in Dharmshala.

Harki asks Kundan and Urmila to pray infront of God. Akhiraj asks Kundan to take Urmila for seeing temple. Mannu rushes to Dharmshala and packs their stuff fastly. Pooja asks what happened? He informs that they have to leave. Pooja is shocked.

Kundan tries talking to Urmi, but she seems uninterested and asks him to stay away from her. Kundan gets irked. A woman is seen smiling looking at him. Kundan looks at Urmila and gets tensed.

No Precap.

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Code Red 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Code Red 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Someone opens a trunk and takes out a woman’s photo followed by her saree and jewellery. A boy dances after wearing them. Someone catches hold of the boy and removes the saree forcefully. The guy wipes off the lipstick off from the kid’s face.

Whenever a Kinnar takes birth in any house then he is sent to their society. Kinnar’s are born with a blessing. Their words can become either a boon for someone or they can turn into a curse.


Karnaal, Haryana, 2013:
Preeti and Anand are on their way. She shows him the pics of her sister’s honeymoon pics. Everyone should go to paris once in his or her lifetime but only on a honeymoon. A eunuch approaches them. Preeti tries to shoo him away while Anand pays him money. She hates eunuchs. They curse or bless anyone on the basis of money. It is as if our life will revolve around their blessings. Anand drops her off. I have some urgent work. She gets down from the car confused.

Preeti calls Anand. He thinks of Preeti’s words and disconnects it. She calls him again but he doesn’t pick it up. She drops him a message. Anand starts avoiding Preeti. She comes to meet him but he walks off in a different direction. Neha (her friend) asks her why she is sitting her alone. Preeti tells her about Anand’s weird behaviour. He doesn’t even talk to me. he keeps away from me. his love, concern was a sham. He never told me anything about his personal life all this while. He dint even make me meet his family or vice versa. I think he is scared since the time I have talked to him about wedding. I think he is scared.

Anand keeps on avoiding Preeti’s call. Someone (his father) tells him to tell Preeti the truth. Anand knows how much she hates eunuchs. She cannot even stand them. I knew everything yet I hid it from her. It is better that I distance her from my life.

Preeti follows Anand to his home. He is walking with a eunuch. She asks him n number of questions about the eunuch who is with me. Why don’t you tell me the truth? Anand says I wanted to but I was afraid. Anand’s father (Naveen) comes there. Anand introduces him to Preeti. Naveen has heard a lot about Preeti. You are the first person who has come here or Anand has never even dared to bring anyone here. He could not make us meet anyone for some reason. Preeti is confused. Naveen takes her with him. They see a whole bunch of eunuchs on the terrace. Anand tells her that this is his family. you were right. Their life is a curse. This curse has hollowed our family since ages. One eunuch had given us this curse!

48 years ago, 1965:
Chaudhary is tensed as his wife is in labour. The men talk about the due baby. Only boys have been born in our family. A lady (Ganga) tells him that it is a boy indeed. Your wife is not keeping well though. Chaudhary picks up his son. He assures his wife (Shakuntala) that she will be fine. You have given birth to the 5th kid of Chaudhary family. You have given me all the happiness. Shakuntala names her son Somnath and breathes her last.

Eunuchs come to celebrate the birth of the baby boy. Chaudhary sends them all inside to bless the baby. Ganga tells them to bless the baby from outside only. He has just slept but the eunuchs insits. One of the eunuchs picks up the baby and realises something. She takes the baby with him. It is a eunuch. Chaudhary takes his son back from her. It is my baby. The men send them out.

Chaudhary confronts Ganga why she lied to him. Why dint you tell me anything beforehand? She dint want to embarrass him in front of his friends. He warns her that no one else should find out the truth. She nods. He is angry. I got insulted!

Somnath, 8 years old, 1973:
Somnath too wants to play with his brothers but they call him a girl. This is a boy’s game. Go inside and play with the dolls. They make fun of him. Somnath runs inside. Somnath plays a song, takes out his mother’s saree and jewellery and dons them. He happily dances on the song when his father comes there. Have you seen your brothers doing this? Only men live here! A girl can only come here after marriage. He angrily wipes the lipstick off from his son’s face. He tells Ganga to make sure that Shakuntala’s stuff is out by tomorrow morning. Ganga comforts Somnath.

Somnath, 15 years old, 1980:
The kids mock Somnath as he walks in a girly or lady like way. The kids decide upon something. Two of the guys pick up Somnath and take him somewhere. One of his brothers (Naveen) tries to stop them but the other kids stop him. Somnath is all bruised and limping when he returns home. The kids enjoy seeing him in this condition. Naveen feels bad.

Somnath’s father instead beats his son only for making him insulted. Somnath tries to explain that it were the other kids who did that to him. Chaudhary sends Ganga out of the room and beats Somnath.

Somnath’s father and brothers couldn’t understand that Somnath was like that only. It was in his genes. They thought that they could change it but they dint realise that it was God made. They could not bring about any change in Somnath!

Three of Somnath’s kids are against Somnath. He acts like a girl. Let’s send him somewhere else. Naveen tries to reason that Somnath never troubles them. Chaudhary too supports Naveen. Somnath has never done anything on his own. He is completely dependent on us. The other kids don’t want to get insulted because of their girlish brother. Chaudhary has an idea.

Somnath, 22 years old:
Somnath is making a sketch. Chaudhary has fixed Somnath’s wedding. Somnath freaks out. How can I get married to a girl? Why are you running someone’s life? Chaudhary wants him to get married before all the other brothers. You will have to follow my order to keep our family’s respect intact. I have chosen a very beautiful girl for you. You will become a man after seeing that girl! Somnath reluctantly agrees.

At their wedding night, Somnath tells the truth to his wife. Everyone calls me eunuch. I know I am different but it doesn’t mean that people should differentiate between me and everyone else. I too am my father’s son but no one treats me with respect like they treat my other brothers. What’s my fault in this if I am born this way? The girl (Swati)replies that she is from a poor family. This is why I was chosen for you. I cannot even go back to my parents. Somnath apologises to her for this situation. This isn’t a home but a cage for me. I myself am caged here. How will I choose someone else? I am not my father’s son but animal for him. He is trying his best to cover up my truth. This wedding is a way to keep his fake respect intact. Please forgive me for I have dragged you into all this. I promise to be with you in happiness and pain but I cannot become your husband. I will protect you from everything. That is the only thing that I can promise for now. Swati is heartbroken.

Somu and Swati become friends over time. He even helps her in making her hair braid. He makes a sketch of her. His other brothers eye their bhabhi lustily.

The girl says I thought my life was shattered when you told me everything about you. Now that I am getting to know you, I can feel that my life can pass easily. Somnath too calls her his life.

Present: Preeti wonders what happened suddenly. They sound so happy. What went wrong? Anand says maybe Somu Kaka’s own people were jealous of her.

One night, Swati comes out after taking a bath. The other three brothers stop her way. They taunt her. You sleep with a eunuch. Aren’t you ashamed of it? How can you share the same bed with a eunuch! They talk rudely to her. She calls out for Somu for help. Somu comes there but the brothers start beating him. Somu fights with them but they overpower him. One of the brothers tries to force himself on Swati. Naveen rushes in to save her but in vain. The brother forces himself on Swati. Somu is bleeding badly from the mouth. The other two brothers too turn towards Swati.

Suddenly, Somu pushes them away. Who behaves like this with their bhabhi? I dint mind anything. I dint disobey anyone’s orders. I listened to everyone. Why did you do this to me then? Why did you behave this way with your own brother? I had promised my wife that I will keep her happy. I failed in my promise. But now I will curse you brothers. A eunuch’s curse can never go in vain. It always comes true. My curse will fall on you now. You think you are men! From today onwards, no boy or girl will take birth in the house of either of you three brothers. Only a eunuch will take birth in all of your houses! This is my curse to all three of you. Two of the brothers take Somu aside to kill him. Swati looks on helplessly.

Present: Naveen continues with the story. It was too late. My brothers killed both Swati and Somu. Anand is my son. I never did wrong to them so maybe my son is free from their curse. No boy or girl could ever take birth in my brothers’ home. only eunuchs were born there. Preeti feels bad. It would have been so difficult for Somu uncle to hide his problem daily. He would have gone through so much in life. She questions Anand as to why he hid all this from her. Anand dint want to lose her. I saw your hatred for eunuchs and I felt all the more scared. You have a right to be happy. you would have seen so many dreams. How will I give you any happiness when I myself am searching for answers! The decision is in your hands now. Preeti is not going to change her decision. She hugs Anand.

2 years later, 2015:
Preeti married Anand. Maybe she had accepted Anand’s family including his eunuch brothers and sisters. She gives birth to baby girl. The family celebrates this happiness together.

Naveen says the face of the baby resembled Somu. This time Somu had taken birth as a baby girl. Maybe because he had forgiven his family or maybe because the quest for his revenge was finished along with his brothers’ death!

There are still many eunuchs in the society like Somu who wish for societal acceptance. They too want people to accept them like the other boys or girls. After all everyone has been made by God.

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1st Epi – Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded (Season 8) 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded (Season 8) 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan Johar wants something new in this season and prays to Lord to give him more fun, drama and action in his life, and he wants something new in his life. Shahid makes an entry on the stage and he is the answer of Karan’s prayers. Shahid dances on his best hit medley songs. Karan welcomes him and says his entry was massy. Shahid says he knows massy and classy is important to make a film hit, Lord did not send me, I m sent by Jhalak team, as I came to know you have gone mad. He says he has come to reload the show with new fun and surprises. Karan welcomes everyone in Jhalak reloaded.

He calls upon the celebrity participants. An entry video is shown of all the participants. Sanaya, Vivian, Scarlett, Faisal, Shamita, Ashish, Mohit, Radhika, Dipika, Raftaar, Subhreet, Kavita are shown. They all come on the stage with their choreographers and dance on the song Nacho Nacho…..

Shahid talks to the contestants and takes their intro and advices. Sanaya advices Shahid not to give her socre less than 9, else give less score with a smile. Vivaan says the girls are more than boys in this season. Shahid asks Karan for his advice. Karan says he will advice him to come, he is missing him a lot. Shahid says who will take the show ahead if I go. Karan says the one who has reached here, he has madness as his quality. Manish is shown in FB. Manish cries holding Madhuri’s saree end and knocks the door. The guards come and lift him, bringing him on stage.

Manish makes an entry on the show, dancing and singing. He dances with Shahid. Manish welcomes everyone on the show. He welcomes Lauren and Ganesh Hedge, giving their introduction.

AV of Radhika is shown, and Ranvir of MATSH talks about her.
1. Radhika Madan & Rishikaysh
They perform on the song Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho… ….. from the song Aashiqui

Judge’s comments:
Shahid: You just in AV that Radhika’s story will start in this show, it was shown in your performance, it has originality, your choreographer did good job.
Karan: Radhika has freedom, she did good floor work, you did not bother that camera was on you, you projected yourself strongly.
Ganesh: You both are sharp dancers, Rishi handled her well, her spins were sharp, great.
Lauren: The act was very good, very well, I did not expect this in week one.
Radhika makes a request to Shahid to dance with her. They dance on the song Gustakh dil tere liye………. Shahid takes Karan Johar for dance, and praises him. They dance on the song Tu mere Agal bagal hai……..
Scores for Radhika: Karan – 9, Shahid – 9, Ganesh – 9, Lauren – 10. Total 37.
Radhika makes a vote appeal to sms RAD to 56882

Update in Progress

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Manmarziyan 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun asking Saral to leave Radhika’s hand. Saral angrily holds her hand again. She asks him to leave her hand. Arjun says leave her hand. Saral asks what will he do, and pushes Arjun back. Radhika says Saral… and stops it. Saral gets angry on Arjun and points finger to Arjun, asking him not to come in between them. Arjun raises hand to punch Saral on his face. Radhika reacts Sir…… and lowers his hand. She asks Saral to come and not make any issue. Saral leaves. She goes after him. Nandini looks at Arjun.

Radhika talks to Saral. He argues with her and says you know very well that girls don’t work at our place, and she is doing all this. He says what are you saying, you are my friend. He says I was your friend and will become your husband in one month. She says I can’t marry in one month, I want to fulfill my dreams, how can he decide this without asking her, you are my friend and friends know heart’s decision, please I need you support to fulfill my dreams, I asked for 6 months, you can’t take it back.

Arjun gets his anger out on the punching bag. He recalls Saral’s words. Nandini comes to him and asks him to have some food. Arjun refuses to have food and leaves. Kaka looks on and asks what happened to Arjun. She says he has gone mad, he is feeling someone’s pain, I won’t let anyone come in his heart, I will clear Radhika from becoming stone of his way, if she creates problem in Sam and Arjun’s marriage, then…. She asks Rana kaka to get every info about Radhika.

Radhika and Sam are at home. Radhika asks Sam to spend time with Piyali and Manya. Sam removes pics. Radhika asks her to leave some memorable pics. Sam smiles and asks shall I leave myself here. She asks Radhika about Saral. Radhika says you have shown me way to come here. Sam asks why is she marrying so soon, that too with Saral, will Saral keep her happy? Radhika says its our responsibility of our happiness, how can anyone else keep us happy. Sam says Saral is not good for you. Radhika says he is not bad, he was drunk and so he behaved such, he is my friend, he understands me. Sam says so he wants to snatch your 5 months.

Radhika says nothing like that, he just said, I explained him that we will marry after 5 months. Sam asks did he agree. Radhika says yes. Sam asks sure? Radhika says yes, I m here to eat your and Arjun’s head, I m not going anywhere, lets pack soon, else half of your belongings will be here. Sam says it will still be here and hugs Radhika. They say I will miss you to each other. Arjun brings Nandini to their old home. She recalls the childhood. He says its not necessary that you go there. She says its necessary, she has to freshen the old memories.

She has to congratulate Radhika and Saral for their marriage to happen. She recalls Samrat’s words and asks Arjun to go, she wants to stay with her memories for a while. Mala asks Radhika to talk to Saral, he is still angry. Radhika refuses as she is not wrong. Sam asks will he understand this. Radhika says if he understands me, he will understand this thing too. She goes and does some footprints printing of Laxmi ji. She slips and falls on Arjun, again coloring his shirt like before. Khwaishon pe likhi………plays………… He recalls the last similar moment. She says Laxmi ji’s footprint got on him. She apologizes from Saral’s side. He says he is your problem, I don’t like to interfere in other’s problems, and cleans the color off her nose. Nandini looks on and asks what is the matter Radhika, wherever I go, you are always there, I think its time to knock you off the way. Radhika gets stunned.

Nandini goes inside and recalls the past. Sam talks to her, and Nandini says she has waited a lot for Sam and Arjun’s marriage. She hugs Sam. Nandini says congrats Radhika. Sam says not so soon, as Radhika is still here for 5 months. Nandini says she won’t be here for 5 days too and sees Saral.

Nandini fills Saral’s ears against Radhika, and wants to make him marry Radhika soon. Saral looks at Radhika and Arjun.

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Tere Sheher Mein 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amaya talking to Mukherjee and saying Mantu never did this before. Mukherjee calls Mantu and Uma gives the phone to him. He says he won’t talk. She asks him to talk, he can lose job. He says so what, I can get any new job. She says he can go to office now. He asks what happened to her. She says its fine, he can go. He talks to Mukherjee and says he was stuck in work, he is coming. She gives him tiffin and he goes. She smiles and thinks if he can leave job for me, whats Amaya, he loves just me.

Rachita is introduced as new teacher by the manager, and he asks the student not to sleep, its english speaking class. Rama looks on. achita asks the students to introduce themselves to her. They all clap. She says thanks, I just asked you to tell your name and the reason to learn English. Mrs. Dubey is also one of the learners and asks Rachita did se identify her. Rachita nods and smiles. Rachita says we will learn English in easy way and making it our language. Rama goes and takes admission to learn English. He smiles.

Mantu comes to office. Amaya greets him and asks why did he come late. He says I was stuck somewhere, I m going, I have much work. She thinks she challenged Uma, but how to know he loves me or not. She says I will let him finish the work first. Its evening, she thinks of him, did she did big mistake by taking the challenge. Mantu comes to her and says he is going saying bye. She stops him. She asks him to be with her, and makes him wait till she ends work. He agrees and asks her to finish it soon. She smiles thinking he loves her. Dheere dheere……….plays……. He says he is getting late. She says yes, its over, lets go. He asks her to wait outside, and brings his bike. She says thanks, I will go by rickshaw. He asks am I mad to wait till now, come. She goes with him.

Dheere dheere se dil ko churana……..plays………….. Rachita comes home and tells Sneha about her job. She asks Sneha not to keep fast. Amaya thinks to keep fast for her Mantu. Its morning, Sneha tells Rishi that she is hiding here because of girls, he would have laughed, girls asked her not to fast as she is diabetic, but she will fast for him and them. Amaya comes and thinks she did not break fast and makes excuses to Sneha to skip having food.

Amaya goes to temple and speaks her heart out to Lord. She says she has kept fast for Mantu, and prays that she unites with Mantu. She leaves and Uma comes in the temple. Uma prays that she gets Mantu and his love. Pushpa makes Dimple ready and says they are going in puja. Neeti says her friends are coming there. Dimple says its good they all can meet. Pushpa thinks of Mathurs. Dimple sends Neeti and says I understand what you are thinking, Sneha and her daughters will come. Pushpa says I m afraid, this time anything wrong should not happen.

Chiklu says Uma is fasting. Mantu says even he is fasting, and now he is going to office. Mantu says study is imp, it does not mean you will not have fun of play. He tells about Pro kabaddi matches, and they will see this time also, on star sports channel. Mantu comes to office and Amaya is about to eat. She asks how did get late. He says its Shravan puja, I m fasting. She realizes she kept the fast, and says how can I eat. He says you can eat, you are having breakfast infront of you. She says no, I don’t want you to feel hungry seeing me having food. He says no, I will work, you eat. She does not eat and leaves.

She sits to work. The peon gives her laddoos, as he has become Mama. She says congrats and stops herself from eating the laddoos. She thinks she will not get weak and complete the fast for Mantu.

Gajanand says he wants to be away from Mathurs. Rudra makes them Mathurs sit and tells his mum Kaushalya that if his plan works, it will be big drama.

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